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We accelerate growth stage companies. We work arm in arm with the founding team to reach $100M ARR as quickly as possible. We invest our time, expertise and network and exit when you exit.


Why Poland

How we work with founders

Education 4.0 / data insight


If you have a company that wants to grow from $3M to $100M ARR in the shortest possible time without securing your imminent demise, divorce or destruction of your team then get in touch.

Our model is simple we align the founder’s interests with our own over the long term. When we bring the company deals or investment we take a percentage in cash or shares. We increase the company’s valuation and hold a maximum 5% in any company.
Ultimately we exit when you exit but obviously at a much higher valuation to when we started.

Our risk is the opportunity cost. Working with one company and helping them accelerate means we aren’t working with another company and supporting their growth. Our model does not work if the company is too small or too big. It’s also a question of timing and sector. 
You need to have a business we can really add value to and have to be super focused on accelerated growth and be prepared to work with us everyday to get stuff done!  

Sector wise we focus on Edtech, Edutainment, Identity, Future Diagnostics Testing, Biotech, AI and Gaming but we want to go deep on solar energy so expect that in the future. Our clients are global from the USA, UK, India, Austria, Poland, Netherlands and so on.

We are based in Gdansk Poland and as well as servicing our global clients we have committed ourselves to achieving four objectives in Poland over the next 10 years:

Obviously all four objectives overlap to build a Polish Founder led ecosystem e.g. if you can show successful exits you attract more capital and more would be entrepreneurs. If you train the entrepreneurs and help them execute you will get more high profile exits and attract more capital etc…

Or we fail to create a growth flywheel in Poland and continue to service our global clients from one of the beautiful places in the world to live!

NB: Please be aware that we do not regard going public on a CEE stock exchange as a substantial exit. This is not a derogatory statement to anyone who has gone down that route or is planning to but it’s simply not a route we want our clients to take.


1:1 tutoring quality at infinity and beyond! 



The world’s number one online bootcamp! 



HOMER is the proven early learning program that provides the best educational start possible.



BVI is an innovation-driven molecular biotechnology company, conducting applied research, product development and production, utilizing advanced genetic engineering, molecular biology, biochemical and microbiological technologies.



Mindstone is an innovative platform that will change the way we learn and collaborate, empower us to remember more, and revolutionise the way we manage our digital content.



testFWRD is a ground-breaking, innovative, patented Covid-19 testing solution specifically designed to enable pain-free, large-scale, and low-priced testing with a focus on the tourism industry.



Yoti is a company on a mission to become the world’s most trusted identity platform.



ChuChu TV is one of the most popular preschool kids channels on YouTube.



The number one video and content platform for K12 education




No. We don’t have a fund. But we work with and know a lot of great VCs, Family Offices, Angels and PE funds.

Yes but we are still a young company. The best example of a company that started executing on this model is The Blackstone Group who started working in this way in the mid 80s and they have done pretty well!

Do we invest our time, team, network, sweat into a company then yes 100%.
In fact our opportunity cost is much, much higher than a VC firm so due diligence is super important to us to ensure alignment and timing are in sync. Do we invest pure capital into a company and walk away then no – never! Do we ever just raise capital for a company with no business development work – no.

Yes – by holding equity in the company it focuses us and the founders on a long term relationship. We increase the company’s valuation and hold a maximum 5% in any company as we never want to distort the cap table of any business we work with.

No. But we always love to meet founders at any stage so feel free to get in touch and if we can be helpful with advice or a few introductions then we will.

We are networked. All of the team has spent most of their careers travelling and working in 50+ countries. We have an amazing network of partners who are even more impressively networked and live all over the world.

Yes – Education 4.0 was co-founded by Nex.D and Kovexa as a public benefit corporation in order to create a growth fly wheel to reduce learning poverty in the global south.

We don’t like capital raising. It slows down business development opportunities and is a huge distraction for founders. We prefer to work with a company to bring in deals, grow revenue, grow valuation and when we have to help with capital raising. We certainly don’t do one off capital raises as that isn’t our sweet spot and isn’t forming a long term relationship with the founding team.

Nex.D Sp. z o.o.

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Registration address: ul. Zaruskiego 11, 80-299 Gdańsk, Poland, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 0000358513, NIP: 5842698475, with share capital of PLN 5,000.00